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 PhD Media Psychology
Fielding’s School of Psychology developed and introduced the first PhD program in Media Psychology in the country. This positions our students and alumni, in partnership with expert faculty, to influence the development of this emerging field. It is a marriage of art and science and our students learn about both the creation and understanding of media. The ability to understand media’s influence and take advantage of its use is necessary for business, government and nonprofit sectors.

What is Media Psychology?

Media Psychology is research and practice at the intersection of psychological theory and knowledge. Media psychologists study the impact of historical and emerging media as they influence individuals, groups, and cultures. Media Psychology addresses issues of how people of many backgrounds experience, develop, and respond to technology and mediated communication.

The Fielding Experience

Students in Media Psychology are pioneering one of the most innovative branches of psychology. They study how people behave and respond to different forms of media communication and education — including the effects of the Internet, multimedia, and virtual reality. Many students are already experienced in the practical use of media in their personal and professional lives. The Media Psychology program makes it possible to combine life experience with concepts and theories from all areas of psychology and human development in order to study media effects on individual behavior and social change.
Practical, cutting-edge coursework is offered in a distance education format consisting of blended and distributed learning, making it possible for adult students to balance advanced study with the demands of work, family, and community commitments. A vigorous community of expert faculty, students and alumni are engaged in collaborative working relationships around the world. Together they are turning media psychology into a major influence in psychology. Students can develop the skills and knowledge necessary for career and research options in a variety of fields including:
  • Academia
  • Entertainment
  • Journalism
  • Marketing
  • Nonprofits
  • Political psychology
  • Public policy
  • Public relations
  • Software design and development
  • Social Media
  • Social psychology

Media Psychology is a non-clinical program
and is not intended to provide the requirements for licensure.

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